The genesis of project

It all starts in April 2019, with the creation of the Académie Seconde Chance, an association whose goal is to give young football players visibility to recruiters, coaches, and agents, through the organization of events such as weekends ends of detections, friendly matches, etc. across the country.

However, we wanted to do more. Indeed, we started from a very simple observation: today, there are many players from the amateur community who do not have the opportunity to conduct tests in the training center of professional clubs. On the other hand, there are also many players from training center’s that are not kept by professional clubs at the end of the season. By intensifying our research, we have also realized that many amateur clubs have difficulty finding players during their recruitment phases.

In view of this, we first sought to offer a solution to all these players to enable them to achieve their dream: that of becoming a professional footballer one day. Secondly, we focused on the problems encountered by amateur clubs: how to optimize the recruitment phases, both at the level of the players and the sports staff themselves? An intuitive, easy-to-use tool was needed, allowing for a quick and easy connection between players, clubs, player agents and recruiters. It was at this very moment that the FootSider project was born.


Concretely, FootSider was born from the digitalization of the Second Chance Academy project. Through this application, we offer players a tool that gives them visibility as well as opportunities to bounce back effectively and boost their careers. At the same time, we provide clubs, whether amateur or professional, recruiters and players’ agents, with a huge community of players looking for a future project that will benefit their careers.

We designed this application to provide as much information as possible about each player. Therefore, it is possible from each player profile, to access its different physical characteristics (height, age, weight) its strengths, its position and its sports experience. The goal is to enable each club/agent/recruiter to effectively target the profiles sought.

In the same way, each club has its own personal data sheet, from which it is easy to access the sports results of its different teams, at category level as well as contact information. Here, the goal is to allow each player/agent to find career opportunities.


Connecting is crucial for FootSider. That’s why we wanted to integrate the online setting of opportunities. But what does that really mean?

Concretely, FootSider allows each club, professional or amateur, in active search of players or staff, to post an ad that will be visible to all members of the application. When it comes to finding tournaments, friendly matches or organizing detection sessions, the process is exactly the same.

At the same time, players looking for a sports project or visibility have the opportunity to respond to an opportunity posted by a club or to register for detection sessions set up by professional clubs. The matchmaking process is therefore directly highlighted by the possibility of establishing quick contact between players, clubs, recruiters, and players’ agents, all from the application.