FOOTSIDER aims to connect players and amateur or professional clubs.

FOOTSIDER’s mission is to help young football talents who lack visibility to be valued and to show themselves to amateur and professional clubs of the network, to be recruited!

The Footsider app is launched by two big names in the football world – Yacine Brahimi and Ronaldinho – who share common values and a single goal: to allow each player to express his or her potential and evolve at the highest level.

Ronaldinho Gaùcho

The legendary Ronaldinho, Ballon d’Or 2005, winner of the World Cup with Brazil in 2002, FIFA player in 2004 and 2005, and winner of the Champions League in 2006, supports the FootSider project as the main ambassador.

I really liked the opportunity to help young people achieve their dream of becoming a professional footballer. Football has given us a lot. Now it’s up to us to give to other young people who also dream of becoming professional footballers. That’s what touched me the most. In my time, I remember that it was completely different. There was no Internet. It was on the street. And I’ve seen a lot of very talented young people who haven’t managed to become footballers. Why wouldn’t they get a second chance?”

Yacine Brahimi

A professional player at the Al-Rayyan SC club in Qatar, Algerian Gold Ball in 2014, winner of the 2019 CAN, winner and voted best player of the FIFA ARAB CUP in 2021, Yacine Brahimi also lends his support as FootSider’s main ambassador.

This application comes after many years of work in the field of the Second Chance Academy. Concretely, FootSider has digitized all their years of work. The social part of the project is very important in the sense that we really want to help young talents have the chance to succeed in becoming professional footballers. The goal, too, is to gather as much data as possible between clubs, players and even sponsors, to create a huge football family where we can help each other.”