How to succeed in a soccer detection?


How to make a successful soccer detection? This question comes up very often and for good reason. Too often, many players show up for a tryout or a screening, not realizing that they are not actually ready for it. But then how do you make sure that you succeed in your detection? Are there any particular techniques or tricks to use? Today, Footsider reveals some tips on how to make your detections successful.


We can already hear the party people complaining… But yes, sleep is a crucial asset in the success of your detections. Sleeping well will allow you to rest your muscles but also your mind. With this, your physical skills and decision making will be greatly improved.


One of the most neglected points in the preparation of a detection is obviously the mental aspect. One thing we have to admit is that all the players start with the same background. The difference is in the amount of time spent on soccer, the commitment to training and the will to succeed. A recruiter will judge if a player is mentally strong on 2 things: his attitude without the ball and his attitude in difficult moments. So before you go to a screening, work on this mental aspect as much as possible! To help you on these two first points, you have at your disposal the advices of the physical trainer of Olympique Lyonnais, on the application!


This last point goes hand in hand with the second. Very often, stress is a parasite that will disturb the player during his detection, and lead him to perform less well. That’s why, as a player, you have to work on this aspect to make sure you give your best without having any regrets. The best thing is to create a concentration bubble just before this type of deadline. You have to stay focused on one goal without putting pressure on yourself. The more naturally you play, the more it will show on the field and the more your game will be appreciated.

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