FC 93 : A club with a territorial identity


Because soccer is not only about professional clubs and televised matches, last week we went to the premises of our partner: the FC 93. We were able to meet the club’s sports director, Siné Danioko. We were able to discuss specific issues related to recruitment, management, but also more generally on the identity of the club and the values it promotes. Here is a brief excerpt from our interview with the club’s sporting director, which will be available in full on the Footsider app.


First of all, it is important to remember what this club actually is. Indeed, the Football Club 93 is a soccer club based in Bobigny in Seine-Saint-Denis. It is a union, not a merger, of the clubs of Bobigny, Bagnolet and Gagny. The club has a first team playing in National 2 and a U19 team playing in National, the highest championship in youth categories.

The will of the club is above all to allow every young person to practice soccer, as the sports director, Siné Danioko, described it very well: “We did not want to choose between the elite and soccer for all, so we decided to do both. That is to say that today, young people who want to play soccer for fun is possible at FC 93. In the same way, a young person who has the necessary qualities and the desire to compete, will not need to export himself to find a good level of play..


In addition to this inclusive aspect, it is above all the values of “Determination, humility and pleasure” that prevail within the club, as the sports director reminded us. “The FC 93 is above all a state of mind, that’s why we give priority to local recruitment. Here, 80-90% of our young people come from the Seine-Saint-Denis region. However, the leader does not close the door to possible exported recruits: “Given that we are in the Paris region, we do not close the door to young people in neighboring departments, quite the contrary. But it’s true that on this recruitment part, we prefer young people from Seine-Saint-Denis. We are proud of it, that’s why the club is called like that but it’s really a bias and we fully assume it “.