Detection Footsider Football Club – Real Zaragoza C.F


Let’s take a look back at the Spanish detection of the Footsider Football Club. We could observe closed and concentrated faces last Monday, October 24th, on the square of the St Jean station in Bordeaux. Indeed, no less than 17 “Pro Star” players have been called by our sports cell to participate in a trial involving no less than 3 matches against Spanish professional soccer clubs.

After a motivating speech by Coach Footsider, the players and staff were able to head to Spain. They were expected in the afternoon at the training center of Real Zaragoza C.F., to perform the first session of this stay. The players of the Footsider team had the opportunity to train in perfect conditions, thanks to the many fields and facilities provided by the Spanish club. Following this session, the players quietly returned to their quarters and enjoyed some free time. They took the opportunity to rest or do recovery exercises.


It is really during the second day that the players started the serious things. After a preliminary tactical analysis that morning, the team headed to the training center at 3:00 pm to face the U15s of Real Zaragoza C.F. The next day, the Footsider team faced a superior generation by facing the U16s of the Spanish club.

The trip to Aragon ended with a visit to the club’s stadium. This allowed our young champions to understand the place of representation of the first team of the club, which currently evolves in the 2nd Spanish division. For its last deadline, the Footsider team left Zaragoza to play a final match against another club of the Spanish 2nd division: Burgos C.F. This match was the opportunity to test our young players, who faced the U17 of the Spanish club.


This stay will have been rich in teaching for our young players. Indeed, they had the opportunity to discover the process of a detection course. More generally, they were also able to learn about the way soccer is played in Spain. Fast, technical, or tactically agile, this confirms that Spanish soccer is very different from the one practiced in France. We would like to thank the Spanish clubs Real Zaragoza C.F. and Burgos C.F. for their hospitality and professionalism.

But that’s not all. Our young players had the opportunity to evolve under the watchful eye of several French and Spanish scouts. The latter have specially made the trip to attend these oppositions.


If you also want to play against academy teams, here’s what you need to do:

  • Get your “Pro Star” subscription on the Footsider app
  • Complete your profile as much as possible. In order to select you, our staff needs a lot of information about your profile, which you will have to update regularly. Fill in your qualities, your performances, your measurements and use your Footsider profile as your soccer showcase! Our coaches review all the “Pro Star” profiles every day
  • Apply for the opportunity of your choice! If your profile is interesting, our staff will contact you personally to take part in our next trial.

The competition is tough. Don’t give up and keep working every day because soccer is watching you!