Detection Footsider Football Club – F.C Sochaux-Montbéliard


Chilly-Mazarin, 8:30 am. It was the time of the appointment given by the coach of Footsider Football Club last Wednesday for the detection planned at the training center of F.C Sochaux-Montbéliard. New detection means new faces! Indeed, our sports cell was able to select new “Pro Star” profiles who had the chance to take part in this gathering. It is around 9 am that the group quietly took the direction of the Doubs where it was awaited in the afternoon. After a good 4 hours drive and a good snack, the Footsider team arrived at the training center of the professional club at 3:30 pm. After quickly stretching their legs, the group went into a state of maximum concentration, made their way to the locker room and then onto the field to participate in the pre-game warm-up.


It was at 5 pm that the game between the Footsider selection and the U17 Nationals of the professional club of Sochaux-Montbéliard (Ligue 2 BKT) was kicked off. Our young players were initially subjected to the game. The numerous attempts of the opponents finally came to fruition around the 20th minute of the game, when a deep ball was well taken by the Sochaux winger. Mentally strong, the Footsider team stayed in their game. She managed to equalize shortly before halftime (44′) on a cross at the back post put back in the axis. Our N°13 manages to volley the ball into the goalkeeper’s right-hand corner. The two teams separated with a close score of 1-1.


After some tactical adjustments by the Head Coach of Footsider, our young players return to the field with the desire to show all their qualities to the FCSM staff. After a lot of energy, our number 9 gets an off-center foul at 25m on the right of the penalty area. It is the number 8 of the selection who takes care of this free kick. He crosses to the penalty spot. After a scramble in the area, the ball comes back to the N°15 who just has to push the ball in the net (65′).

The black and gold players took advantage of this moment to drive the nail in. On a good ball in depth, our left flanker takes his lane and overflows the opposing defense. He then stares at the goalkeeper before placing a low ball into the opposite small net. 3-1 (75′). We could quickly observe the reaction of the young people of the training center. Following this goal, the game was closed and the opposing forwards were more pressing. Our players suffered before being joined to a length of advance to the 85′ minute of play. At the very end of the game, the roles changed. The Footsider Team suffered a lot and could have been caught up in the score if the referee had not whistled the end of the game.


Several lessons will be learned from this detection game. First of all, for almost half of the team, it was a first against a team from a training center. This allowed them to confront themselves with more experienced players and to understand the ecosystem of a training center. Secondly, it confirms that many players still have their card to play. Indeed, and this game proves it, our coaches have in heart to constitute the most competitive team possible. This is to allow young talents to be in the best conditions to show their qualities. This was the case this Wednesday. Beyond the score, it is more precisely what our young players have shown, in terms of desire, attitude or even on the field that will retain the opposing scouts and the Footsider staff.

Finally, we would like to thank all the staff who welcomed us on site. More generally, we would like to thank the Sochaux-Montbéliard Football Club for its availability and its outstanding professionalism.


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