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Once again, the Footsider Football Club has put online a new detection opportunity, this time Italian, for the Pro Star players of the application. So let’s take a quick look back at this event. Last Friday, December 16th, a new detection was held in the prestigious premises of INSEP (Institut National du Sport et de l’Éducation Physique), organized by the Footsider technical staff. For the occasion, no less than 90 “Pro Star” players were called by our recruiting staff to participate in oppositions under the eyes of the scouts of 6 Italian professional clubs.


This detection was the first one in collaboration with Italian clubs for Footsider. The application, which was recently launched, has allowed 90 players from all over the world to test their skills in front of scouts from Sassuolo, SPAL, US Cremenese, Atalanta Bergamo, Pescara and Ternana. During this detection and by a polar cold, the generations of players followed one another on the field throughout the day.

The different oppositions allowed to confront players of the same generation, to appreciate the maximum potential of each one. This day allowed our young players to discover the course of a training course of this type. More generally, we could feel a lot of desire, commitment, determination and respect in all the meetings. That’s why we want to thank all the players for their participation in this event. We would also like to warmly thank the 6 Italian clubs present on site for their trust and professionalism.


Throughout this day, we could notice an exemplary state of mind. Indeed, from the first game (9am), opposing players born between 1998 and 2004, we could feel a lot of commitment and aggressiveness. These attitudes were greatly appreciated by the recruiters, because they served the game. At around 11:00 am, the 2004-2005 generation entered the stage. During this opposition, we could notice some very good players, likely to interest our Italian professionals. Indeed, a more lively and technical game was set up on this match.

The first game of the afternoon will have seen the 2006-2007 generation compete. An engaged and rich offensive game allowed the players to show all their qualities. Like the first two games of the morning, we could appreciate good or even very good players. The same will have been true for the last game of the day, which started at 3pm. This time it was the youngest generation of this session (2007-2008). Not yet at the maximum of their physical potential, these players did not lose out because they offered a good performance to our scouts. Still having a good margin of progression, this young generation is promised to a great future, given the qualities observed during this session.

Overall, the pressure was palpable as for many players, it was their first time under the gaze of recruiters from foreign professional clubs. Beyond this aspect, the players participating in the Footsider Football Club’s detections are selected from a large panel of players. This allows the best to compete against each other. This adds a little extra pressure. This session organized by Footsider was an opportunity for them to live a rich learning experience.


If you also want to play against academy teams, here’s what you need to do:

  • Get your “Pro Star” subscription on the Footsider app
  • Complete your profile as much as possible. In order to select you, our staff needs a lot of information about your profile, which you will have to update regularly. Fill in your qualities, your performances, your measurements and use your Footsider profile as your soccer showcase! Our coaches review all the “Pro Star” profiles every day
  • Apply for the opportunity of your choice! If your profile is interesting, our staff will contact you personally to take part in our next trial.

The competition is tough. Don’t give up and keep working every day because soccer is watching you!