CR7’s assessment of the Manchester locker room


CR7’s statement about the Manchester locker room has made the soccer world react. In the famous interview with Piers Morgan last week, Cristiano Ronaldo complained about a lack of rigor and professionalism.


In his interview, Ronaldo said: « I don’t think they disrespect the experienced players, but it’s a different generation. The mentality is not the same. They are not hungry. Everything is easier, they don’t suffer. And it’s not just at Manchester United, it’s the same in all teams and in all leagues. But we can’t blame them because that’s part of life, you know. It’s a new generation, with new technologies to distract them. They listen, but it goes in one ear and out the other. »notes the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

For « CR7 », however, his young teammates have a lot of examples to follow: « It’s a shame because they have the best examples in front of them. I remember when I was 18, 19, 20, I was always watching the best players like Van Nistelrooy, Ferdinand, Roy Keane and Giggs. That’s why I had this success and longevity. Because I take care of my body, my mentality, my head, because I see these guys and I learn from them. »The Portuguese international, who sees himself as a true « example » to follow.


Later in his interview, Ronaldo states: « I’m not the kind of guy who likes to give advice, because I prefer to be an example. Because I am an example. I’m there every morning and I do the same things. I’m probably the first one in and the last one out. That’s why I say I like to set an example. Some people follow me, very few, some don’t really. Some don’t care. » he chastises, before issuing a warning.

« In my opinion, they won’t have long careers. It’s not possible. Many players of my generation play until 36, 37, 38, but those of this new generation will not. » However, Ronaldo points out some exceptions: « At Manchester United I can name Diogo Dalot, he is young but very professional. I have no doubt that he will have a long career in soccer because he is young, intelligent and very professional. There is also Lisandro Martinez or Casemiro, who is in his 30s. » Despite the few examples cited by CR7, we say that it is still little given the many players in the Manchester locker room …